Born in Amsterdam’s notorious Red Light District and raised on a steady diet of his writer father’s bebop and free jazz collection, Michiel Marsman is a wildly creative, experienced and multifaceted producer focused on film, television and commercial soundtracks.

In 2009 Michiel became partner and creative director at music agency Sizzer Amsterdam, helping the company become a cutting-edge front runner in the international music and advertising scene. Under his guidance Sizzer won numerous creative awards, such as a Silver awards for best music at the LIA awards and the Ciclope Advertising Craft Festival for music in the global Diesel campaign ‘Fuel for Life Denim Collection’. Clients included Audi, Heineken, Google, Martini and more. He also composed music for several movies, including platinum winning Dutch box office behemoth ‘Bon Bini Holland’, and did the sound design for Academy Award-winning director Steve McQueen’s art-piece ‘Once upon a Time’.

Earlier he studied guitar at the Hilversum and The Hague Conservatory and embarked on a sonic journey that led him from jazz rock to Holland’s first (and probably only) psychedelicmetal- house project to ultra-loud ‘Gabber’ destruction force Dr. Mindfuck, to a decade-long career composing music for clients like Heineken, Adidas and Nike with his company Billinger & Marsman.

All this experience makes Michiel Marsman both a trusted sonic wizard and a highly creative force for any project. While staying involved as Executive Creative Director and partner in Sizzer, Michiel has circled back to his roots and is focusing on what he loves most – making great music for inspiring projects.